Mar 22, 2012

Slide Improvement 2 of 5

This is the second post in the series of five posts. In the last post we improved one slide from real life. Today we will work on another slide. This slide also belongs to the same presentation.
This slide contains list of town names. Instead of making tables the presenter has inserted shapes and typed on to it. The centre alignment and so much of light brown colour is making the slide look bad. Not only is the design poor but the information presented in this manner is not very useful. Here is one possible (and simple) improvement.
Seems quite obvious to me. I have done three things with the list. 1) Made a simple table 2) Got the proportion right. Instead of two long columns, I now have more evenly balanced five columns 3) I have arranged the list in alphabetical order so it is more meaningfully used by the audience. If they are looking for a city, its easier to find in my list now.

While making this table, I also noticed that the town 'Indore' has come twice in the original list which is an error. Had the presenter made it alphabetically, he/she could have spotted it.

I have also tried one more improvement. A simple map.

This map really gives us the total picture. The audience gets the message clearly and the message is 'we are a pan-India organisation'. I haven't plotted all the cities but you get the point I am trying to make. Sometimes a well labelled map does the job better. Go with this option. In case you are short of time, try the earlier one.

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  1. Very sensible advice - thank you for making the point so clearly.