Mar 25, 2012

Slide Improvement: Part 4 of 5

Here is a slide which shares a media plan. A school in my city (Hyderabad) organised an event recently. They were seeking sponsors for the event and this slide belongs to their sponsorship pitch presentation.

This slide talks about how they are going to promote the event through a 360 degree media plan. The key message of the slide is a complete and total coverage of the event across all forms of media thus ensuring a good attendance at the event.

I have tried three ways of improving this slide.

Option 1 is trying to replace the bullets with a diagram. What I have used is a regular SmartArt diagram. This diagram visually cues a 360 degree plan. 

Option 2 is nothing but a different representation of Option 1. In essence we have knocked off the bullet and made the slide cleaner. This is also a regular SmartArt diagram.

Option 3 would be my preferred option. This does two things. One, the small list on the right is easy to read and understand. Two, the arrow diagram is a good visual cue for something 'complete' something '360 degree'. If you have noticed, all my options do not have images. The logic is: images are used to explain something. When we hear words like TV, Hoardings, Web and Radio we know what exactly is the presenter trying to say. We don't need an image of the transistor (radio) and TV?

Lesson: Just because we are told to 'use images' in our presentations, we should not try to force fit images on every slide. The image has to play some role. Images of TV and Radio serve no purpose on this slide and hence I prefer to knock them off.

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