Jun 28, 2013

Presentation Crossword #1 [Answers]


1. Printed slides (HANDOUTS)
3. Better than using ‘plain text’ (VISUAL)
7. What you feel before every major presentation (NERVOUS)
9. Hero of your presentation (AUDIENCE)
10. Experts ask us to say a _____ in our presentation. However, it is easier said than done. (STORY)


2. Move objects on your slides using ______ (ANIMATION)
4. The real secret to becoming a great presenter (PRACTICE)
5. This is KING in every presentation. This matters more than everything else. (CONTENT)
6. Your _______ charges your audience  (PASSION)
8. This will kill your audience (BULLETS)

For 3 Across, VIDEOS will not be totally correct since videos are never compared to text. Most people use text and hence they are encouraged to move to VISUALS. To make the content more appealing and memorable.

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