Jun 29, 2013

To make a sale you need to have...


Yesterday, I attended another presentation. Two gentlemen were pitching for our business. They were from an agency. They were young and working for a very young organisation (hence hungry for business).

After their short presentation, when the questioning started their confidence kept dropping.

Sign #1 of falling confidence was 'lowering voice levels'. Sign #2 was 'not listening to what question is being asked'. They gave wrong answers to a lot of questions since they were not seeking clarification and not listening carefully.

When you are selling, you have to have confidence.

Whether you sell an idea to your boss or colleagues or actually pitch for a client's business, the audience will only buy if you are confident.

Suggestion #1 Even when you feel under-confident, don't let it show. If you cannot answer a question, seek extra time and answer them later, maybe next day. But never ever, drop your volume. Speak loud and clear.

Suggestion #2 Listen carefully. If you don't understand the question, seek clarification. You have all the rights to ask the audience to repeat the question. Don't be meek.

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