Feb 27, 2014

How to convert your PowerPoint slides into Images?

The questions is how will you save every slide of your presentation as an image file. The answer actually is very simple and this is something I discovered today.

In MS PowerPoint 2010
File --> Save as --> Choose Save as type --> JPEG

Computer will then ask: "Every Slide" or "Current Slide only". By choosing "Every Slide" all your slides will become separate images. Fantastico!


  1. Hi Vivek. This tip is very useful to export images. I have been using this feature for long time until I have created a simple addin (originally it was for my personal use, but I decided to publish and offer it for free). This plugin helps to export images from PowerPoint presentations into JPG files. In fact, I use it daily and honestly it helped me to save lot of hours while saving presentations.

    FPPT Export Addin for PowerPoint

    When I created this simple addin the feature I really needed to be supported is the custom image output size. This way I can automatically save the slides image size ready for my needs. In fact, the default image size I use is 800x600 but could be any other size.

    Another feature that I like from this addin is that it adds the presentation file name as a prefix and then the slides are numbered from 1 to N. This also helped to keep things organized, and when publishing PowerPoint slides into a WordPress blog it helps to keep the presentation file name intact which can help for search engines, also.

  2. You are welcome, Vivek. Actually, I got tempted to publish this addin for free after reading this blog post.

    I look forward to read more useful tips like this in your blog. A feature that was very very useful for me while creating PowerPoint templates and designs was the Align & Distribute features in PowerPoint. I just noticed you have some interesting posts about it, to me it is one of my favorites features in PowerPoint to help designing templates. We have used it actively on SlideModel to design our templates.

  3. Once you have created your PowerPoint presentation, you may wish to make picture files of all or certain PowerPoint Slides
    in the presentation. This is easily done when you use the Save As... command.

    Save the presentation as a PowerPoint presentation file, just as you normally would. This will ensure that your presentation is always editable.

    Navigate to the slide that you wish to save as a picture.

    PowerPoint 2010
    Choose File > Save As...
    PowerPoint 2007
    Click Office button > Save As
    PowerPoint 2003 (and earlier)
    Choose File > Save As...
    Add a file name in the File name: text box

    From the Save as type: drop down list, choose the picture format for this picture.

    Click the Save button.