Apr 22, 2014

Telling a Story in your Presentation

Human beings love stories. We read fiction and we watch movies. Stories convey information in an easily digestible fashion. Yet, few presenters share stories. Here is one simple way which will help you come up with stories for every presentation.

Go back to your experiences and find out what shaped your current opinion (point of view).

In every presentation you are sharing your point of view. You are presenting to your CEO and asking her to launch a new brand. You are presenting to your employees and asking them to follow some new rules. Why? What makes you believe in your argument?

To discover what stories to tell, all you need is to ask yourself; "Why do I have this point of view?" What incidents led me to have this belief?

You will start discovering anecdotes and incidents which happened to you or to somebody you know. These incidents and events shaped your existing point of view. Use these into your presentation. Share the story and then put forth your argument.

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