Apr 24, 2014

Your Chance to name a Smartphone App

I am planning to build a smartphone application. An App which allows presenters to get instant feedback from the audience. To my knowledge, nothing of this sort exists today. I want you to suggest a name for the app and also share your feedback about it.

What is the problem?
As presenters, we don't get honest feedback from our audience. Sometimes it is not easy to give feedback to presenters. Most of us feel we are very good presenters (which is untrue). Some feel they are very bad. We all need honest feedback from our audience.

What is the solution?
A mobile app which allows your audience to share feedback anonymously and instantly. It will work great in all sorts of presentation situations.

How will the app work?
Every presenter needs to create a login. They will get a username. At the end of the presentation, they can share the username with the audience. The audience installs the app and types in the 'username.' They can share their feedback. Overall score. What was good. What was bad. That's it.

Need your feedback on this. Thanks.


  1. Vivek. This is a great idea! Brilliant. I wish you all the best.

    The feature to give feedback anonymously is great.

    Here are some name ideas, may not be the best but just to share it with you:
    SlideRating App

    (some of these have the .com available so that's good)

    Julian @ SlideModel

  2. wow! You have really come up with some awesome names. DeckScore and SlideScore are really nice. Thanks a ton. And thanks for the encouragement. I really feel this app will help presenters across the world.

  3. Thanks Haydee. How about some names :)