May 5, 2014

"Can you present in 10 minutes?"

Here is a real life instance.

Radha stood up to present to her top management. She was supposed to talk about marketing strategy for the coming year. She had 50 slides and was looking at a 1 hour presentation.

The presentation started and then the CEO asked. "Can you present everything in 10 minutes. I cannot listen to so many things and remember everything. I am stupid. I need to know what matters in just 10 minutes."

Forcing someone to present their 60 minute stuff in 10 minutes is a challenge. But if you do prepare a 10 minute edit of your 60 minute presentation, it will help you retain the absolute core of your idea and knock off the unnecessary stuff. The top management does not have the time to listen to hour long presentations.

1 comment :

  1. Yes .It is a possible feat for a 'puller' presenter who gives just the cream of what was needed to the target audience.