May 1, 2014

5 Presentation Mistakes You Keep Making

1. Going very fast. Give your audience time to understand. If they are not saying anything, does not mean they have understood everything.

2. Using jargon. If you have to, then explain it properly. Do not assume the audience knows all the jargon you are going to use.

3. Talking to yourself. A presentation is a conversation you have with the audience. Talk to them. Speak and then listen. Observe the audience. Do not keep talking (as if to yourself).

4. Skipping important details. While presenting tables and graphs, write down if the volumes are annual or per month. The amount is in USD or Rupees. Mention the source of your data. Mention everything that needs to be mentioned.

5. Presenting for too long. The longer the presentation, the lesser the audience understanding. Try to say the same thing in half the time (or half the slides). No one can remember content worth 50 slides. Cut down. Present the bare essentials and skip the details (unless the audience asks for it).

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