Feb 2, 2017

(Free E-book) How should your startup pitch to investors?

I have written a 100-page e-book on how an early stage startup should go about preparing a compelling investor pitch. This e-book will answer questions like:
  • What are the hurdles in your way of securing funding?
  • How do investors evaluate your pitch?
  • How to create content for your pitch?
  • How to design professional slides?
  • How to deliver your pitch with confidence?
This e-book is a step by step guide to create, design and deliver a compelling investor pitch. It is the outcome of my 2 years of working with numerous startups, mentoring them, evaluating and fine tuning their pitches, attending demo days and interviewing investors. This e-book is also based on what I have learnt from awesome articles by other startup mentors, entrepreneurs and investors.

To receive your free copy, send me an email: vivek @ jazz factory dot in or leave your email ID in the comment below. I will email the e-book to you. If you know a friend who is running a startup, share this post with them too.