Apr 13, 2019

What slides does Sundar Pichai use? Here are 7 from his Stadia Launch

If you are organising a sales conference or a press conference, here is something worth replicating. Google launched Stadia recently and Sundar Pichai started the event with a good presentation. His slides were bold, clean and powerful. Completely devoid of clutter and supported what he talked about.

His slides were similar to slides used by other CEOs like Tim Cook and Elon Musk. They all use a similar slide design style. Look at the screen behind too. A large screen which mesmerises the audience and gives a larger-than-life feel to the event.

Here are 7 slides Sundar Pichai used.


  • Big fonts
  • Very less text on slides (you should do all the talking)
  • Lots of white space (empty space enhances the power of what is there on the slide)
  • Few colours, but consistent use of the same colours. You only see white, black and pinkish-red in this entire presentation
  • Use lots of images
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