Dec 31, 2009

Do something new this 'new year'

2009 is a special year for me. I started my blog this year in January. I thank all the readers, friends and colleagues who provided all the support, critique and feedback. As the last post of this year, I would like to leave you with just one thought.

If you want to become better at presentations next year and are worrying about what are the things you can do. Just relax, listen to me and try just this one thing:

"Do something new this new year. Take the risk to be different."

Whatever style you have adopted till now is fine. But come out of that comfort zone and try something new. Give yourself time and go prepared. But do something new. For once don't worry what others will feel or say. For once put yourself in an uncomfortable position. For once prepare to fail. You will not regret it. If you can't do it this new year you will never be able to do it. So go ahead and do the new.

Wish you a New New Year.


Image: Danilo Rizutti

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