Jan 1, 2010

Best of the Month: December 09

Dear friends

December was personally an exciting month for me. I was blessed with a baby boy on December 21 and since then I have been very busy (with work, travel and the baby). The baby and my wife both are doing fine.

The new year is here. This new year I plan to bring some 'new' stuff on the blog. But before we launch into 2010 let's just look back at December 09. Like I do every month, in this post I recap the most read posts of the last month and the most read posts on the blog since inception.

6 reasons you should not ask your subordinate to make your slides was the most read post of the month. It has come out from my own experience of making slides which others present. The post highlights problems like loss of meaning, relevance, time management, flow, etc. The next post to this also offers the solutions and talks about how to outsource your presentation.

Another post which saw reader interest was on
designing a fresh template for your presentation. I read it on another blog and posted it with my comments and suggestions. This post shares a new and easy to make template which is very eye-catchy.

The 3 most read posts on the blog till date are:

How to make sponsorship proposal presentations?
How many slides should a 30 minute presentation have?
How to make business review presentations?*

* This post has risen from No. 4 to No. 3 this month and has taken over '7 presentation tips from Dr. Stephen Covey'

Thanks for reading and best wishes for the new year.