Mar 27, 2010

Download Free Images for Presentations

What do you do when you need images for your presentation?

You rush to Google Images, type in the keyword and download the image. What is wrong with this method is that you really do not check the copyright status of the image. You might end up using an image you are not authorised to. In case it is an internal presentation in your company or campus you can be safe but if you upload the presentation online you can really get into some trouble.

With the increasing use of images in presentations, one needs to have a few websites to fall back on when in need of images. These links will work as an image bank where you can access free images of good quality without worrying about copyright violations.

The websites I am talking about are the following:

1. Free Digital Photos
2. Free Range Stock
3. Flickr

Free Digital Photos asks for an acknowledgment (link back to the photographer's profile page) when you use their images. Free Range Stock does not even ask that while Flickr does ask for acknowledgment. As a matter of practice, you should always check the terms of use before downloading images (as the terms might change from time to time).


  1. Thanks for the list. I particularly like using the Creative Commons section on Flickr. Great images with Creative Commons usage. Here's the link:

    Thanks again!

  2. @charpar
    Creative Commons is indeed a great resource on the web. Thanks for the link.

  3. Useful information here!

    Graphics enhance a presentation and your sources for saving money and doing it legally are greatly appreciated.


  4. @Fred
    I want people to use more images in their presentations but in the process they should also respect copyright issues. Hence, the search for free sites. I welcome all to share more sites which offer free images.

  5. Hi Vivek, those are some good hints. You might want to include Wikimedia as well. But similar to Flickr, you need to check the copyright of EVERY picture there. Also stock.xchang isn't too bad.

    I used to really like iStockphoto, but they've upped their prices significantly recently :-(.

  6. @Oliver

    Thanks for pointing out Wikimedia & stock.chang. Ggood options when looking for free images.

  7. Thanks for sharing this great source of vectors. I usually use when i am looking for free vectors. Visit it and you will find a lot of decent images.