Apr 19, 2010

World's Best Presentation Tips #4 Brent Dykes

World's Best Presentation Tips is a series of posts where presentation bloggers from all over the world share their favourite posts with us at All About Presentations. This is an exclusive for AAP readers.

Today's Blogger: Brent Dykes

from PowerPoint Ninja

Brent Dykes, the author of PowerPoint Ninja, shares with us two of his favourite posts from his own blog.

1. How to reduce and simplify bullet points in PowerPoint?
2. Seven tips for using analogies in PowerPoint presentations

If you have been reading on presentations you will understand that all bloggers and experts are against the excessive use of bullet points. Some experts actually advocate not using bullet points at all. In the first post Brent shows us how we can convert a slide full of bullet points into a slide which is bullet point free.
A nice post indeed.

Enjoy reading these two posts and wait for more to come.

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