Apr 22, 2010

World's Best Presentation Tips #5 Oliver Adria

World's Best Presentation Tips is a series of posts where presentation bloggers from all over the world share their favourite posts with us at All About Presentations. This is an exclusive for AAP readers.

Today's Blogger: Oliver Adria

from ReThink Presentations

One core message.. and the Elephant

Oliver shares with us why he has chosen this post. He writes, "This is my favorite because I think just by changing the notion of presenting you can already have a really big and positive impact. So, instead of starting with writing the introduction slide, or even before conceptualizing the presentation, I think it's really, really important to first find out:

"What do I want to say? What's that one core message I want to convey during this presentation?"

If people started (and ended) a presentation and its preparation with this, I think there would be much more effective presentations. I have written several other posts around this idea on this on my blog, because I think this is really important to keep in mind and just by changing this mindset, there will already be significant positive change."

Thanks Oliver for sharing your post with us (the Elephant is really cute :-)

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