Oct 28, 2010

Design a logo and win Rs. 100,000. Do not design & still win a book!

There is a designer within every presenter. There should be. The designer within helps you choose the right templates and design great layouts. It is the aesthetics auditor of our presentation; the one which ensures we do not churn out junk.

For those of you who are more inclined towards design there is a good opportunity. West Bengal Trade Promotion Organisation (WBTPO) is inviting entries from people all over India to design the logo of MILAN MELA. Milan Mela is an exhibition center in Kolkata. You can win Rs. 100,000 ($2,245 approx.) if your logo is chosen by them. There is also a consolation prize of Rs. 50,000 for the runner up. This contest is only open for Indian citizens above the age of 18.

Click here to know more. The last date for online submission is 11.59PM 25th of November, 2010 (IST). Every contestant is allowed only two submissions (in PDF format) and the size of the logo should be 400 x 400 pixels.

I strongly recommend you to participate. You don't need to design the logo on Adobe Photoshop or Corel. You can do it on MS PowerPoint as well. Click here to know how. To find out how to convert your PowerPoint files into PDF click here. Read Part 3 on WBTPO's website to know what is expected of the logo. Spend sometime, design a logo and upload. Best wishes!

But wait!
How will you create a logo of 400 pixles by 400 pixels in MS PowerPoint? If you have the answer, leave a comment with your full name on the blog. First correct answer will win a book. Can it get easier than this friends? Looking forward to your answers. [This contest is only open for people living in India due to logistical reasons. The choice of winner is at my sole discretion].


  1. Hi
    Go to Picture tools,Go to Size,in Scale select Best Scale for for silde show and change the resolution.But here i couldnt find 400*400 option.


  2. Hello.
    On the guidelines page it is mentioned that 400/400 PDF is required to be provided. But on the submission form it says only JPEG or GIF can be uploaded. Could you help.. what should be done?

  3. @mz

    If you are creating the logo in PowerPoint, then select the logo and right click. Save Picture as JPEG or GIF.

    If you are working in Photoshop, under save as, you can choose JPEG.

    Worse case, open your PDF. Take a screen shot and save it as JPEG/GIF. You might have to crop the picture.

    Check this article out (if you are designing the logo in PowerPoint):


    Best wishes. Today is the last day.

  4. No, I meant that they are not clear about which format to provide them with. But I think I'll give the JPEG's.