Oct 27, 2010

Download Free E-Book by Joey Asher

Joey Asher is the president of Speechworks, a communication and selling skills coaching firm. He has come up with a new book '15 Minutes including Q & A' where he talks about how business presentations can become shorter. He makes a point that most business presentations are long and winding and what the world needs is a rifle-shot presentation.

He has released a free e-book 'How to create a Seven-Minute Rifle-Shot Presentation' which has been excerpted from his book. In this e-book he describes how a 7 minute presentation can be structured. Here is a snapshot:

1. Start with what your audience cares about. Their problem. (The Hook)
2. How you plan to address the problem?
3. Talk about the key messages. (The Body).
4. Recap the key messages at the end.
5. Call to action. What should the audience do next?

Click here to download the e-book (1.25 MB). It is a small e-book of 38 pages which is a quick read. Have a look.

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