Feb 16, 2011

Going on a summer vacation

I am going to stop blogging for 3 months due to personal reasons.

I will write till February end and bury the blog from March to May. This is the 290th post and I will try to reach as close to 300 as possible before the long summer approaches.
In these three months I will be sharing old posts which will be of use to new readers who have joined in the last one year.

I have been updating this blog 2/3 times a week since the day I started and this break seems to be too long.

However it also seems like a blessing in disguise. Imagine that God came to me and said; "You have 10 more days to blog." What will I do? Write to the best of my ability. Write like I have never written before.

If you are new to the blog, you will like the old posts I will share. Others, please hang on till I come back in June. I will also share few more blog links which you can read while I am gone. However, do not stop emailing questions and queries. I will answer all your questions.

Take care and make every presentation awesome!

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