May 31, 2013

Do you have the x-factor?

Happened to attend a presentation today. Important market research presentation which will determine our new brand's positioning and promise for a new geography.

The presenter was known to us as she has presented many times before. She always does a good job. Knows her stuff and recommends what is best for the brand. She did well today as well.

In today's presentation though, she was not in her elements. The eye contact was less and the voice was not loud enough. The x-factor was lacking. Something was amiss.

Her confidence.

When you really know your stuff, have spent time preparing, know everything inside out and truly believe in what you are presenting, you speak with confidence. It shows. Your confidence impresses people. Your confidence does it for you. Your confidence makes your audience agree to you and believe in you.

Work hard on your content, design your slides well and go to the presentation with confidence. It's the x-factor that will make you successful.


  1. O.K....but then...why this 'X' is chosen to represent this ability?

  2. @thangam That's the accepted norm and usage. Nothing more.