Feb 29, 2016

Presentation Design Inspiration - 10 Ideas to Inspire you

Here are 10 good examples that will inspire you to design better slides. Inspiration is everywhere. Let us see what we can pick from home pages of websites around the world.

Example 1. Text over Image

The image is in sync with the message. Ready for Growth? A strong headline. The all caps font looks strong. Few words and clean design.

Example 2. Text over Image

This is another good example of text over image. The text is in white and the background is darker. This increases the contrast and makes it look good. We see all caps here as well. When using few words in a headline - go for all caps. 

Example 3. Image and Text

This example uses bold colors and very less text. The image is large and contains what they do. Notice the font color inside the image is mostly blue. It syncs with the blue in the background.

Example 4. Use of Image

We do not need to write over the image all the time. Try this option. Cover the entire slide with the image and then crop it to half. Use the top half for a strong header. Did you notice something in the header? All caps again!

Example 5. Text over Image in 2 ways

The text over the image has been done nicely. First, on the left, smaller text has been given a background (highlight). The larger text (headline) is not with the highlight. Big and bold text does not need a highlight, but smaller text does. It increases readability. The image is very subdued putting the focus on the content.

Example 6. Grid

This is an interesting way to look at design. The image covers the right half of the slide. The left half has been used for text. The look is good however there's too much text which needs to reduce. 

Example 7. Different

The big and bold headline with so much empty space stands out really well. The image behind the headline is not needed really. Just black text would have done. The sub-headline (body copy) is short. It would have been better to use sans serif fonts for it.

Example 8. Showcasing Clients

This is a new trend that you must follow. When using too many logos on your clients slide, change all of them to grayscale. Click on your logo - Format [under Picture Tools on top] - Color - Recolor - Grayscale.

Example 9. Replace Bullets with Icons

This is an old trick but continues to work nonetheless. This is a simple example of how you should replace three classic bullet points using visuals.

Example 10. Not to inspire, but to avoid

9 examples are enough to inspire you for the day. While scanning through tons of websites, I chanced upon this one and wanted to point it out. The main header is pretty bad. The font, the color - its bad. How do we improve it?

Let us do what the earlier examples have taught us. Make the header bold and change its color. Use sans serif font. Below is a simple treatment that I have tried. For a better treatment, we need to change the image. It's not really great.

I have reduced the transparency (fill) of the text box. I have softened the red and used Alizarin, which is a flat color. The font is Montserrat.

These were 10 examples from which you can draw inspiration for your own slides.
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